Presented by Brian Johnston: Horatio R. Storer, physician and founder of modern gynecology, was a medical student in Boston, MA and Edinburgh, Scotland. A young man in Boston, he lived in the heart of anti-slavery ardor. In 1857, the year of the Dred Scott decision, he traveled to Edinburgh to continue his studies. With new ties to the UK, Storer understood that the British had foreshadowed and led the way to ending slavery in all of its possessions 30 years before the U.S (Parliament's Slavery Abolition Act of 1833). More importantly, as a physician and dedicated to studying maternal health and child-birth, he saw that the British led the way in science and medicine as well. Storer considered the unborn child to be, "my second patient." Storer knew abortion was quietly being practiced in the United States at the time. In 1861 the UK passed the "Offenses against the Person Act", and as it had prohibited human slavery, it then prohibited human abortion via this measure. On his return to the U.S., Storer took up the cause of protecting human life via the law. He organized within the newly formed AMA, an effort to end the practice of human abortion in each of the states. Abortion laws, as with most 'crimes against the person,' were determined by the laws of the several states. It was this conscientious, scientific work of Storer and the AMA that established the laws against abortion in the United States, and affirmed the right of those children to be alive. As with slavery, the objective fact of their humanity was now reflected in the law.
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