Presented by Joleigh Little Bass: It is the phrase that makes every single pro-lifer cringe. "What about the unwanted children?" While we live in a world where many children still need families, that doesn't ever make those children "unwanted." As pro-lifers, it is our job to share that reality with the world. There is an answer to the crisis of children living without families to love them. That answer is adoption. One at a time, these children who wait are being brought home and given families. Learn from an adoptive mom of two daughters just how precious each and every life is. If you are curious about adoption, come, listen and learn. If you have felt a tug at your heart to consider adoption, let Ms. Little tell you about her girls -- but more importantly, let her tell you about the children just like them who still wait in their home countries and in orphanages around the world. Find out how you can pray and advocate for these children who wait, often in horrifying circumstances, abandoned simply because they have special needs.
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