Presented by T.J. Burgess: How can you build up and sustain a pro-life legacy? Long-term pro-life success begins with YOUTH! Many states do outreach and pro-life education at the high school level. Come learn about why these initiatives are key for your state, and some simple steps to make them a success. Learn how to identify the needs for each campus, and how to work with pro- life teachers in existing pro-life groups. Discuss how to coordinate your own events and how to offer your services to already existing programs. By building relationships with students, you can help them become invigorated, motivated, and ready to stand up for pro-life issues and take on leadership roles. This initiative is invaluable to the pro-life movement! T.J. Burgess will challenge the attendees of this session with a brief task and see how they can easily multiply active pro-life youth groups in their state. The why and importance of Pro-Life groups on public high school campuses will be covered along with six easy steps and timeline to make it happen at your local public high school.
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