Presented by Thomas Jacobson and Wm. Robert Johnston: The Abortion Worldwide Report (AWR) project seeks to equip U.S. and international pro-life advocates with a range of relevant information--covering global abortion policies, abortion numbers, and the theological, moral, and policy foundations for protection of human life. This workshop will cover a range of updates and new work since last year. We'll review policies and available data on late-term abortions state-by-state in comparison to international trends. Most countries that report late-term abortion numbers have increasing trends in recent years, which has implications for U.S. policies. We'll also summarize estimates on U.S. abortions by race/ethnicity, affirming findings by others on high levels of abortions among African-Americans but also showing increasing numbers of abortions by Hispanics. Finally, we'll discuss flaws in pro- abortion groups' estimates of worldwide abortion levels.
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